I would define myself as a Belgian social activist trying to promote equality and solidarity at all levels (income, origin, age...). I try also to live coherent with these opinions. One of my favorite quotes (from Montesquieu almost 4 centuries ago) is:

 Should I know something useful for me but bad for my family, I would reject it from my mind.

Should I know something useful to my family but bad for my Fatherland, I would try to forget it.

Should I know something useful to my Fatherland but bad for Europe or useful to Europe but bad for the Human gender, I should consider it as a crime.


Hereafter, you will find links and more information about my activities.  Your attention, most of the sites are not my work. 

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Technoprogressism and transhumanism


Other activities

Être humain demain (Be Human Tomorrow). I am vice-president of the Association Française Transhumaniste Technoprog.

We advocate the use of science and technology to improve human physical and mental characteristics.

I am co-chair of Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society).

Every day, about 110,000 people die as a result of aging. Diseases related to senescence are responsible for 2/3 of deaths worldwide. Heales is an organization that, at Belgian and European level, informs and raises awareness about technological and medical developments in the field of bio-gerontology. We promote and support research against aging. I am the main author of the monthly newsletter
Death of death.

The Federal Public Service Social Security is the Belgian Federal Ministry where I am working as a jurist since 1989.  At the moment, I am there a strategic communication advisor..

I am also a trade union delegate of the CGSP-ACOD.

What does it mean to be human in a technologically improved world? It implies, among other things, the ethical use of technology, such as artificial intelligence, to develop human capacities. We want people to be able to become better.

I am a member of the Board of Humanity +, an organization that promotes these ideas.

I am a member of the Board of the International Longevity Alliance.

As with Heales, but at the international level, the organization wants a world where every person can achieve healthy longevity through innovative technologies.

I am also a member of the Life Extension Board of the Lifeboat Foundation.

I was born in Belgium in 1962 and live in Brussels, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Above all, I am a citizen of the world

Over 3 millennia ago the idea of deciding who is right by counting those who are for and those who are against rather than letting the strongest or the most skilful decide.

The idea of having all the citizens of the world vote is much more recent. I am a member of Democracy Without Borders which campaigns for a world parliament, among other things.

Together with Marc Roux, I wrote the book Technoprog. Le transhumanisme au service du Progrès social.

Livre Technoprog

I wrote the book Et si on arrêtait de vieillir ! : Réalité, enjeux et perspectives d'une vie en bonne santé beaucoup plus longue.

Livre Et si on arrêtait de viellir I have spoken in many media and conferences and organized many activities about longevity, medicine, technoprogressism, transhumanism, artificial intelligence...

My first political party in Belgium is Ecolo.  Not perfect, not enough on the left but by far the best in the French speaking part of the country. I am also a member of the Flemish (Dutch speaking) Green Party Groen.

Dessin Didier Coeurnelle

Biological immortality. One day, I hope, we won't die of old age and we will read The Fable of the Tyrant Dragon written by Nick Bostrom as a prophetic text.

Collectif Solidarités contre l’exclusion. This organization of which I am a member promotes more rights for the most excluded people living in Belgium.

For many years now, I have been giving an important part of my income to various non-profit organizations. For a long time it was SOS-Faim. Nowadays, they are Doctors without Borders and SENS.


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