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Should I know something useful for me but bad for my family, I would reject it from my mind.
Should I know something useful to my family but bad for my Fatherland, I would try to forget it.
Should I know something useful to my Fatherland but bad for Europe or useful to Europe but bad for the Human gender, I should consider it as a crime.

Montesquieu (1689 - 1755) Mes pensées (translation)

This site is about democracy, world democracy.  They are other sites about world democracy or a world Parliament: you will find them on the links page.

Did you notice that it is now technically possible to organize a vote for all?  Really for all and not only for the citizens of one country ?

The text of a first proposition is at the moment on this site in (broken) English: 
Vote for all: a first proposition of world democracy.

What do you think about it?  You can write to me in English, French or Dutch. 

If you're interested by Belgian politics (Belgium is a funny complex small multilingual country), you can go to another page.

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